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That One Time I Didn’t Grow Up to Be a Ballerina

I remember going on a picnic one time when I was younger with my parents and older sister. I was probably 6 or 7 that time we loaded up and hopped on the family ATV, heading towards a creek located on our grandparent’s property where we set up “camp” underneath an old crab apple tree. It was our standard “picnic-on-the-ranch” spot, a little grove set apart from the rest of the trees by the presence of overripe apples dotting the tall grass.

I had leaned my back against the tree trunk, my legs folded underneath me with the delightful flexibility that youth provides, engaged in a conversation with my mother about whatever a 6 year-old mind can logically entertain. I kept mentioning all the things I planned to do “when I get older,”  which led to my mother asking if I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. TOTALLY. My first choice was to be a famous pop singer. If that career didn’t pan out (or if I got tired after winning too many VMA awards) then my plan was to become a ballerina. Obviously!

Fast forward twenty years later, and I can tell you that the closest I ever got to becoming a famous singer was winning the ‘Payette County Apple Blossom Talent Festival’ at age eleven with what I can only imagine was a stirring vocal rendition of the theme song from Disney’s ‘Anastasia’.  And the closest I ever got to becoming a ballerina was two weeks ago when I purchased this tulle Urban Outfitters skirt and proceeded to twirl with all the vigor of a 4th grader in my studio apartment.

But you know what?  It’s absolutely okay. After all, I don’t know many six year olds who would say, “Why yes, Mom. I’d looove to be a consultant at a mid-size, startup online marketing and communications firm when I grow up.” But here I am. And I still sing loudly in the car and have random dance parties in my apartment, so perhaps six-year old Alyssa knew exactly who she would grow up to be after all.

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