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Sunshine, Sunnies + Seattle

Old friends are the best. And I’m not talking about ‘old’ as in age. ; ) There is something so pleasant about welcoming a guest into your home who you don’t have to try to impress. Someone who openly and willingly accepts both how you are and who you are; somehow who doesn’t require constant […]

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Project of the Day – The Homemade Bucket List Board

I really like a lot of stuff, but there are three things I definitely LOVE to do: 1) Make random things 2) Give people gifts  3) Write lists Number #1 and #2 on this list usually go hand-in-hand and almost always become my personal form of kryptonite when it comes to giving people gifts on […]

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‘Lent’ Me Your Ears…plus a casual ‘Outfit of the Day’.

Let’s talk about Lent for a moment. Yes, I know I am a week late with this post. But here’s the thing – I’m not even Catholic. So…yeah. My Catholicism (or lack thereof) is a pretty common misconception. First, I attended Gonzaga University which is about as synonymous with “religion” as it is with “basketball”. […]

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Throwback Thursday – A Tale of Two Friends

So, I have this friend. A really really good friend.  She is in fact my best friend, who has been gently “encouraging” me for weeks to post a ‘Throwback Thursday’ picture I’ve been hiding safekeeping on my phone for quite some time.  This friend knows I can be quite forgetful and is luckily more than […]

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