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How to Wear Camo Like a Lady

I feel like it’s okay for me to admit that I’m pretty familiar with camo. I’m from Idaho for goodness sakes.

Camo and Carhartt pants could have easily passed as the official school uniform for 98% of the boys at my high school growing up. And gosh, nothing says “young love” quite like parading around the school stands in a cheerleading uniform while draped in your HS boyfriend’s oversized green-splattered jacket during a cold October football game. Ah, to be young again, right?

Camo disappeared from my world for a solid 10 years but over the past few months it’s been slowly making a solid comeback—albeit this time on the fashion circuit and not the gun range. I went back and forth on this purchase for a while, but once Jcrew offered it for an additional 40% off the already lowered sales price I decided to pull the trigger (no pun intended).

What I love about this jacket is that it’s a bit of a statement piece that can actually be incorporated into a work wardrobe just as easily as it can be dressed down with a pair of jeans for running weekend errands. Plus, great news everyone!!! If a zombie apocalypse ever happens to strike while I’m at work I’ll totally be prepared to run and take cover in all the lovely foliage of Seattle—once I take off my heels, of course.

Jcrew ‘Boyfriend Fatigue’ jacket found here

Banana Republic ‘Sloan’ pencil skirt in Camel found here

Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Sateen Shirt found here

Banana Republic “Calypso” Necklace (old)

Ann Taylor Cap-Toe Kitten Heel (old) similar found here

Torie03/09/2014 - 11:46 pm

Hi! Love this. Do you follow Atlantic Pacific? She went through a phase in 2012-2013 where she always wore a camo jacket in a similar way, and so I finally had to “pull the trigger” as well last year at the Nordy’s anniversary sale. Best purchase ever. Hope all is well :) .

AlyssaEnnis03/10/2014 - 5:48 pm

Oooh you know, I’ve seen her site a few times in passing, but I don’t actually follow it! I probably should, everything I have seen on her is fabulous (go figure). It really is a fun purchase though, glad you agree!;) Side note – Love your blog, I read it every time I see you’ve posted something new. :D

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